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ELEVEN Australia Launches First Electrical Styling Tool

Introducing the ELEVEN Australia Flat Iron, the very first electrical styling tool from the brand. The dynamic new tool features a range of innovative elements that make it a significant addition to the hairdressing industry.


Key features in the tool include the brand’s trademarked Rapid-Heat Technology, which allows for faster styling capabilities, and the use of ceramic heat plates that prevent hair damage. The tool offers six different temperature levels that mean it can suit any hair type and will go into Sleep Mode if inactive for thirty minutes to ensure extra safety. A 360 degree swivel chord makes styling particularly convenient by allowing for full rotation, while a universal voltage system makes the tool travel-friendly and usable from anywhere in the world. Lastly, its lightweight design adds to its convenience of use and portable capabilities.

“Most people don’t know how much an iron temperature can vary each time you run it over your hair,” explained ELEVEN Australia co-Creative Director, JOEY SCANDIZZO. “By using rapid-heat technology, the flat iron heats up again almost instantly – saving time and minimising hair damage. What’s not to love?”

We would expect nothing less from ELEVEN Australia.

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