ELEVEN Australia’s newest editorial offering comes by way of the [PEOPLE] Campaign, a timeous representation of the freedom of reconnection and a broader ode to happiness and love. The campaign exudes the warmth of friends, family and the power of reunion, as captured by ELEVEN Australia co-creative directors Andrew O’Toole and Joey Scandizzo.

“The [PEOPLE] campaign is a reflection of our current moment and is fundamentally a product of what the world is going through right now,” Andrew said. “Having spent more of our time at home last year than ever before, the need for physical connection with people (not just digitally) is what everyone (including me and Joey) are craving – the campaign set became a scene of young friends having fun, laughing and being playful. It’s our message of spreading happiness, letting your hair down and reconnecting.”

The campaign aesthetic presents these themes with vibrant hues, diverse hair textures and bright pattern clashes, personifying colour, music and movement and creatively express this bright, welcoming future after difficult times.

“I always love campaign times because it allows me to work with lots of hair texture and play around with different finishes. It really gives me the opportunity to showcase our products, what they’re designed to do and perform,” Joey shared.

ELEVEN Australia continues to go from strength to strength, now available in 25 countries and as PETA-approved cruelty-free, paraben-free, RSPO certified, sulfate free and with gluten free and vegan friendly options. The [PEOPLE] Campaign once again flexes the brand’s creative muscles as weighted with relevant meaning to capture the energy of now.

View the full campaign.

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