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Emma Stone’s 7 Best Hair Looks

Long, short, up, down, blonde, brunette and auburn, Emma Stone’s hair portfolio has been anything but static. Although constantly identified as a prominent red head, Stone is actually a natural blonde, a look she has since returned to in her role as Gwen Stacey in The Amazing Spiderman series.

To celebrate the star’s 26th birthday, we’ve found seven of the best hair looks she’s sported over the years. What better way to inspire your clients that they can be creative with colour without losing their identity?

1. Classic Red


This auburn hue, styled in an elegant side sweep for the Oscars, is the hair look that originally made Emma turn heads. Paired with sparkling emerald earring to match her eyes, we can see why it made a statement.

2. Ice Ice baby


Emma went back to her roots (literally) with this cool blonde tone, finished perfectly here with dead straight styling and stony, winged eye shadow.

3. The bob

Emma Stone Bob Haircut at Venice Film Festival

Which starlet hasn’t made the chop? In Emma’s iconic auburn, with a trendy side fringe to match, it was the perfect taste of European glamour at the Venice Film Festival.

4. Blonde Bombshell


A great way to show your clients that blondes can have more fun, especially when it comes to curls and playful pops of makeup colour.

5. Up, up and away

"The Help" World Premiere in Beverly Hills

Pinning back her usually flowing locks in a glamorous style, Emma made a classic look suitably on trend.

6. Taste of chocolate


Opting for brunette for this chic total look, Emma proves that she can master any hue.

7. Girl next door


Natural and glowing, Emma loses no fans when she goes back to basics.

Constantly taking risks with her cut, colour and styling, Emma Stone is the perfect famous face to motivate your clients to be bold.

What’s your favourite look?

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