Conjuring a bygone era of understated luxury with modern symbolism, we unleashed the intrinsic styling talents of Dyson ambassadors Renya Xydis and Peter Thomsen. These two hair luminaries used Sydney’s Casa Studio and the iconic harbour as the backdrop to true hair styling discovery, as unveiled in INSTYLE November December and titled Empire.


Hair: Peter Thomsen and Renya Xydis for Dyson
Photography: Steven Chee
Styling: Cheryl Tan
Make up: Mikele Simone
Creative Direction: Cameron Pine

Renya Xydis and Peter Thomsen are no strangers to editorial in some of the country’s most stunning locations. Against a hedonistic backdrop in true empirical spirit this dream duo created hair magic at Casa Studio in Sydney’s iconic Vaucluse. The latest Dyson beauty innovations met magical harbourside vistas, resulting an editorial that celebrates undone luxury. We took five with Pete and Ren.

Renya Xydis:

What were your go-to Dyson tools on the shoot?

Dyson Supersonic and Dyson Corrale.

How does Dyson complement your approach to hair?

Dyson ensures you maintain the integrity of the hair while creating beautiful styles.

How would you describe your approach to hair?

Think outside the box, I see hair as a work of art.

What do you love most about collaborating on editorial?

I love working in a team environment, sharing ideas and working to create beautiful images with a collective set of minds and skills.

What was your favourite look on the shoot and why?

I loved working with Cynthia Wu – she had soft waves that contrasted the sharp fringe. The juxtaposition works effortlessly!

Who do you most look up to in hairdressing?

I look up to my team, I love seeing their interpretation of colour and cuts. I love Eugene Souleiman and Sam McKnight, having worked with them both on runway, they taught me how to look at hair in a more objective way.

What do you look for in model when doing hair work?

The texture of the hair, the volume and the condition of the hair. Their skin plays a big part as well – I always want to create a holistic and luminous look.

How did you save time on set with Dyson tools?

The heat technology saves time – having the moisture taken out of the hair without compromising on the integrity of the hair helps me work faster and create shapes that are not compromised.

Peter Thomsen:

What is your style in three words?

Lived in, effortless and timeless.

What Dyson tools can’t you live without?

This shoot, the Dyson Supersonic and the Flyaway attachment, for a strong foundation and smooth surface, as well as the Dyson Corrale for creating texture.

How does Dyson complement your approach to hair?

Dyson complements my end result perfectly. All of the Dyson tools make the hair a lot shinier, there’s more elasticity and bounce when styling and they look after the hair with intelligent heat control.

Describe your approach to hair and favourite inspiration at the moment?

I like to approach hair in an organic way where I work with natural textures and suitability to each person. My inspiration right now is textured, but again working with people’s natural texture, changing it up slightly but not forcing too much change.

What do you love most about creative editorial?

The creativity between other stylists, make up artists and photographers, whilst creating a finished look that tells a story and creates a vibe – it’s all about collaboration.

What was your favourite look on the shoot and why?

The textured beach wave on Lydia Reid because it used her natural texture in conjunction with creating more texture, which gave a very organic natural look, which is very much my aesthetic.

Who do you most look up to in hairdressing?

When it comes to looking up to other stylists, it’s very much commercial editorial stylists, for example, someone like Sam McKnight who’s very timeless with his work and effortless at the same time.

What do you look for in a model?

Depending on the brief, I look into suitability – either being able to create wild textured hair or shiny hair. I’ll always think about the end result.

How did you save time on set with Dyson tools?

Dyson saves time when it comes to creating slick hair, body and movement. Dyson technology allows me to work at a much quicker pace. It helps me to save time and achieve the end result sooner – for example the Dyson Corrale is cordless, and the iconic Dyson Supersonic nozzle allows me to deliver quick airflow, which helps me to speed up when I’m under pressure.

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