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Equilibrium: A Force To Be Reckoned With

This year’s Alternative Hair Show was a creative masterpiece for the ages. Held on October 12 at Royal Albert Hall, London, the event showcased twenty international hairdressing teams in order to raise a massive £214,000 for the Alternative Hair Charitable Foundation, which supports the cause Fighting Leukaemia. The 32nd annual instalment of the show was named Equilibrium, meaning ‘a state in which opposing forces or influences are balanced’, a fitting name given the multitude of different artistic elements at play.

Alternative Hair 2014 London_Visonary Award_ABH_2542sml

Anthony Mascolo and Tony Rizzo

The proceedings were opened by Alternative Hair Founder, Tony Rizzo, and Worldwide President of Alternative Hair, Anthony Mascolo, who introduced the talented teams. Next the 32 finalists in the International Visionary Awards competed in categories of Cut and Colour and Avant Garde. Australian hairdressers Richi Grisillo was named as the Runner Up in the Avant Garde competition, while the winner was named as Pawel Babicz from Poland. Rossa Danagher from Ireland and Anteo Geminiani from Italy were announced as the winner and runner up of the Cut and Colour segment.

Alternative Hair 2014 London_Visonary Award_ABH_2495sml

Richi Grisillo presents his model

The event also included the AIPP finale presentation, where the winners of five categories were presented their trophy by Roberto Pissimiglia, President of the AIPP, and guest of honour, revered Sassoon colourist, Annie Humphreys.

It was then that the world’s most admired creative talents unleashed their skills, in an outstanding extravaganza of fashion, style and artistry. Teams journeyed from all over the world including Germany, Italy, Hungary, Spain, Austria, Australia, Czech Republic, Russia and Japan, to present their works, culminating in a show that was part beauty, part absurdist.

Each show was a standout, with big names such as Paul Mitchell’s Robert & Angus, Mahogany, Bundy Bundy and Saco just a portion of the legendary stylists on show. Highlights were everywhere you turned. Take TONI&GUY, who showcased the intricacies of couture and Avant Garde styling, or Stevo Hair Academy who expressed their own interpretation of cut and colour couture, through pastel tones merged with structural shapes in a high fashion showing.

Alternative Hair 2014 London_TONI&GUY_ABH_2914sml


Sassoon presented a show based on sound and vision through classic geometric shapes with transient visuals, whilst Anne Veck pondered the nature of strength and form through expanding and contracting shapes and a colour palette of metallic gold and intense black.

Alternative Hair 2014 London_Vinokurov_ABH_3787sml

Dmitry Vinokurov

The TIGI International Creative Team put on a fashion-focused show inspired by colour, music and modern culture, while Dmitry Vinokurov veered towards the Avant Garde through disconnected geometric styling and floor length hair.

Alternative Hair 2014 London_TIGI_ABH_4017sml


Australia’s é SALON showed off the range of local talent Down Under with a show titled Dream Time, that accessed the realm of fantasy and dreams through a strong, contrasting colour palette and Avant Garde styling. Gerry Santoro also focused on juxtaposition, with a show dedicated to the harmony between opposing forces such as darkness and light through subtle colour and precision cutting. Shows inspired by Punk Baroque, Nordic images, 3D effects, Ancient Egypt and animalistic styles dazzled the sold-out crowd and ignited the imagination.

A philanthropic force that saw the total amount of funding since the inception of Alternative Hair reach over £9.5 million, the Alternative Hair show once again proved that the scope of international hairdressing talent knows no bounds.

Alternative Hair 2014 London_Visonary Award_ABH_2605sml

International Visionary Award Winners

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Photography by Alex Barron-Hough


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