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Erayba MasterKer Technical Shape Treatments

Erayba are proud to release their new professional line of natural, long-lasting treatments for achieving your clients want for sleek and straight, wavy or voluminous hair – MasterKer Technical Shape.


Formulated with Kerafruit – a keratin and multi-fruit acid complex system – MasterKer offers different strengths for all types of hair, including sensitive and resistant hair.

The formula strengthens and reconstructs the hair fibre improving its resistance, achieving a soft and healthy final result.

poster MasterKer Volume2

MasterKer Volume Range

The MasterKer Volume in salon treatment includes the M12 Keratin Detox Shampoo, M50 Kerafruit Volumizer, M22 Keratin Volume Shampoo and M10 Keratin Volume Mask. To help your clients maintain their volume treatment at home, it is recommended that they use the Keratin Volume Shampoo and Mask.

poster MasterKer Straight

MasterKer Straight Range

Creating sleek and straight locks in the salon, the treatment includes the M12 Keratin Detox Shampoo, M60 Kerafruit Relaxer and M70 Kerafruit Straightener, with the Keratin Shampoo, Keratin Total Mask and Argan Mystic Oil recommended for at home maintenance.

poster MasterKer Waves1

MasterKer Waves Range

For clients wanting soft and smooth waves, the treatment includes the M12 Keratin Detox Shampoo, M80 Kerafruit Waver Sensitive, M90 Kerafruit Waver Resistant and M33 Keratin Curl Rider to activate and define curls and waves. At home, it is recommended that the client use the Keratin Volume Shampoo, Keratin Volume Mask and Keratin Curl Rider to maintain soft waves.

The MasterKer range is free from formol, thio, paraben, salt, and sulfates.

For more information about Erayba visit or call 0433 448 362.

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