Cool, easy, effortless – Errol Douglas’ afternoon session on the Sunday of Hair Expo was all about not taking hair too seriously. With three models and several editorial, Mad Max-inspired looks, Errol pushed bed head to new heights, where red carpet intersected with trendy, high-concept visions, writes Chloe Falivene.

HE15 Errol Douglas Art of Celebrity (Online)_010

With just one assistant and a tray of never ending bobby pins, Errol took his models along for the ride to increasingly cool places. Starting with a set of long, brushed out waves, he added a simple piece of paper to create a completely unexpected mohawk look.

Model number two rocked big sets of plaits and two bold hairpieces, resulting in an extreme architectural feel, while model three featured catwalk dreadlocks twisted and sewn into a pointy, futuristic shape, proving you don’t need to add volume to elevate a look.

HE15 Errol Douglas Art of Celebrity (Online)_011

“I don’t think you’re ever too young or too old to play with dolly heads,” Errol said, as each look blended into the next. “It’s not rocket science.”

Making such technically advanced looks seem effortless, the audience held their breath as each came together in the final moments, with just a tuck here and a pin there. And after all, isn’t that what celebrity is all about? Cool never tries too hard.

Images by Oneill Photographics.