A new YouTube channel entitled Beautytube will be launched by Esstudio later this year, offering 90 second tutorials that sit at a level between the bedroom and professional tutorials that are common online. Useful to both professionals and consumers, the channel will be joined by a website, social media platform and App that will constitute an online beauty community in hair, makeup and nails.


Esstudio owner Aleks Abadia demonstrates a fishtail braid

The channel provides endless opportunities for the hair professional, whether that’s makeup and nail tips and tricks to add to your repertoire, hair inspiration and trendy ideas to incorporate into your salon regime or an avenue through which you can teach your clients how to maintain their hair in between salon visits. The videos show the professional stylists demonstrating the styles, teaching the models and the models trying out the techniques themselves. As the channel grows, it will add new and innovative ideas to the program.


Aleks Abadia demonstrates a style for an upcoming video

“We are going to be basing looks on International red carpet events,” said Esstudio owner Aleks Abadia. “The latest looks out there, we’ll recreate that and try to make the audience understand that they could wear it as well. We’ll be wanting to get videos out within a day of major events, including information on how to create it, tools you can use and how a consumer can do it at home.”


A model demonstrates a curling technique on herself

For the channel’s first series, for which twelve short, snappy and instructive videos have already been shot, Abadia created a fishtail braid, a loose movement style, an extended ponytail and a quick fix look. The series utilised a range of brands including O&M, Parlux, Brushworx, ghd, Sebastian and Wella. The makeup used included MAC, La Clinica, Maddi & Dylan, Revitanail, K.M.O. Nail Art and many more.


The channel will launch later this year

“I first had the idea because of all the tutorials that are out on YouTube, the bedroom tutorials and some of the professional tutorials that may be a little too professional for the average person out there,” Abadia explained. “Beautytube is something for the consumer to feel a bit more comfortable in doing. We use real girls instead of top models and try to keep it natural so the audience feels like they could adapt to it and maybe feel like they could do it themselves.”

Beautytube will find the middle ground of online tutorials, providing inspiration with the latest red carpet hair trends, nail art designs and makeup looks in succinct videos that will be useful to both professionals and consumers. By utilising a range of tools and products that will teach its audience how to best care for their hare, Beautytube will create an online beauty community that communicates in trends, visual inspiration and practical knowledge to both consumers and professionals.

For more information visit esstudio.com.au or call (02) 9698 1135