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EVY Professional Adds a Personal Touch

We’ve long been engraving jewellery and personal items with our names, initials and favourite phrases – why should our styling tools, which are a practically permanent feature in our hands, miss out on all the fun?


EVY Professional is adding a personal touch for the holiday season, allowing customers to engrave their name or a phrase on their iron in silver for free with any purchase of the EVY OneGlide. The offer is valid online or from stockists.

The gesture is a timely reminder of the importance of individualised service, whether it comes to product design or the care we give to our clients.

Aside from this stylish addition, the tools continue to impress with their innovative styling technology. The use of Japanese mineral technology, featuring 32 ion-generating negative minerals, injects hydration and moisture into the hair mid-style. This improves the health of the hair as well as the aesthetic. The use of 24 carat gold infused into the plate is another drawcard.

Other features include a digital temperature display, automatic shut-off function after one hour and a metal ceramic heater which allows for faster heating.

This holiday season the EVY OneGlide is so good it literally has your name on it.

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