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Stevie English of Stevie English Hair and Uros Mikic of Kinky Curly Straight have come on board as the creative director and style director for EVY PROFESSIONAL, respectively. The duo brings a high profile, wealth of experience and creative expertise to a product line that continues to innovate.

Stevie English

Stevie English

“I’ve been given the opportunity to become the creative director of EVY PROFESSIONAL and for me it’s about a company which has revolutionary products moving forward,” said Stevie, who has stocked his famous salon entirely with the brand. “The irons have 33 minerals so they’re really hydrating, the hairdryers are very light and it’s about making hairdresser’s jobs easier.”

Along with the multitude of minerals imbued in the iQ OneGlide straightener, a 3-strip plate that contains 24 carat gold and metal ceramic barrel make styling faster, easier and better for the hair. The Infusalite Dryer contains the same ion-generating mineral technology, which leaves hair smoother and more hydrated. The EVY PROFESSIONAL handmade brushes feature their own smart technology, with natural blended bristles and a ceramic barrel for even heat distribution.

Uros Mikic

Uros Mikic

“I and my whole team absolutely love the EVY PROFESSIONAL tools, from the lightweight super powerful dryer, to the crazy efficient irons, which keep hair hydrated and sleek, it’s easy to use tools that provide such superb results,” said Uros. “It’s funny how in demand the tools are. When we received our salon stock, we had a few extra irons and dryers as we wanted to keep them on the side for new staff – well they’ve gone home with our clients! They saw our stylists using them and just chatting about how amazing the new tools are and they wanted them for themselves.”

The creative pair, who know a thing or two about creating a strong, consistent brand in their salons, will add to the creativity and product innovation of the brand. Styling videos showcasing the products’ capabilities will launch later this year.

For more information on EVY PROFESSIONAL visit or call (03) 9439 4841

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