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EVY Professional Announce Sam James-Cockayne as New Creative Director

Hair tools brand EVY Professional has welcomed a new face to its ranks, with the appointment of Sam James-Cockayne as a new brand ambassador, in the role of Creative Director. The talented hairdresser is the Salon Director for Orbe North Adelaide and the 2016 HOT SHOTS Visionary titleholder, with an eye for creative hair that makes her ideally suited to the role.

Sam James-Cockayne

“To be announced as the new EVY brand ambassador in the role of Creative Director is a very exciting opportunity for me,” Sam shared. “I can’t wait to help grow the brand and create more awareness around these incredible tools and a brand I strongly believe in. I can’t live without my InfusaLite Dryer – it’s my favourite tool and is the one that keeps me working as much as I do! It is incredible how lightweight it is and the technology is unique!”

EVY Professionel InfusaLite Dryer

EVY Professional’s electrical tool range uses unique Japanese mineral technology, with each product employing 32 natural negative ion-generating, post-volcanic minerals that, more simply put, ensure moisture and hydration for your clients’ hair. Sam attests to her clients noticing the difference, while also lauding EVY Professional as an Australian company with a ‘by stylists, for stylists’ attitude that makes them easy to collaborate with.

Sam James-Cockayne in action

“We are so thrilled to have Sam join the EVY team as our Ambassador in the role of Creative Director,” EVY CEO Tracey Bazzano Lauretta confirmed. “Her passion for creating and maintaining beautiful healthy hair is infectious and is the perfect fit for the EVY philosophy. It will be an amazing partnership with so many exciting things on the horizon for 2017 including expansion of the range with the introduction of brilliant new tools and further global expansion.”

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