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EVY PROFESSIONAL Launch Vegan-Friendly Brush

The new Vegan-Friendly Brush from EVY PROFESSIONAL has launched into the market to mimic natural bristles within eco-conscious constraints. The tool promises smooth, professional, static-free hair, with bristles that behave like boar or natural bristles and the brush offering these same benefits, but within a vegan template.

“Being a brand for all people we decided to also cater for the vastly growing vegan market. Having a son who is vegan, I was inspired to search to find the perfect vegan brush to keep him happy,” said EVY PROFESSIONAL CEO & Founder, Tracey Bazzano Lauretta. “In essence we have created a brush for all salons and consumers that require a natural bristle brush effect, and still want to be able to maintain the vegan culture and belief.”

In design, the brush is meticulously crafted with a rubber cushion pad to gently massage the scalp. It caters to fine to medium hair types, as well as extensions. A soft touch and comfortable handles makes styling efficient and easy in-salon or at home for your clients, becoming a must-have retail tool.

With a shining ethos, innovative build and top-tier results, bring EVY PROFESSIONAL’s latest invention into your kit and onto your shelves today.

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