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Famiglia Collection

Centred around the notion of family and featuring cuts and colours inspired by treasured childhood memories, Ibiza Hair’s Famiglia collection is a deeply personal editorial creation for stylist Michael Piastrano and colourist Adrian Rotolo, as much as it’s a feat of technical hairdressing and colouring skills.

For example, the deep orange hues reflect memories of Nonna’s backyard orange tree, while the blues and purples evoke imagery of her teacups, and shades of matte purple bring back ideas of the tablecloth at Sunday lunch. Meanwhile, the hair is cut with a dry cutting style that allows for natural texture and movement, while freehand painting for the colours, combined with foiling techniques, achieves a varied and dramatic colour palette all based on intimate family moments.

The duo aims to showcase how memories can affect art and how hair and fashion can be inspired by any moment in time – an important message the next time you’re seeking editorial inspiration. There’s no reason Nonna’s tablecloth can’t be turned into an edgy take on hair fashion.

See the full collection below.


Hair: Michael Piastrino
Colour: Adrian Rotolo
Photography: Andrew O’Toole
Makeup: Kylie O’Toole
Styling: Elaine Marshall

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