Flo Rida doesn’t perform at many hair events – in fact maybe only just this one – but there he was, on stage with a group of backup singers and dancers as prime time entertainment at last year’s Farouk Systems Hair Conference in Cancún.

Flo Rida performing

5000 Farouk Systems distributors from 143 countries witnessed it themselves when they showed up the Moon Palace & Resort in tropical Mexico, gearing up for five days of hair presentations, product launches, education, events and, apparently, performances by a world-renowned hip hop artist. This entertainment reflected the conference’s overall younger theme, with Farouk’s son Basim Shami taking over the organising of the event.

Farouk Systems - cancun
Hair by Lorna Evans

The Australian contingent was well-represented by ECO Hair Products, which is the exclusive Australian distributor of Farouk Systems. A team of educators and presenters including Lee Nesbitt, Lorna Evans, Paul Stubbs and Andrew Voya made the long trip to Mexico to show off their talents.

Lee Nesbitt and Andrew Voya with models

Lorna and Paul presented two models in the Farouk Global Presentation, taking up a highly-coveted spot in the show, where only seventeen countries were invited to present models in the runway global collection. Lee and Andrew took part in the colour show with Farouk Ambassador Richard Jordan, presenting six models, two of which had looks finished on stage. The duo also worked with the European team to deliver cut and colour education and present their runway cut and colour collections over the course of the conference.

ECO Hair Products presenters on stage

“The 2015 conference was exciting, fun, innovating and the best I have attended in my 30 years in the hairdressing industry,” enthused Cliff Georgiades, CEO of ECO Hair Products.

We’re calling it the Flo Rida effect.

Check out a video of the event below:

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