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Business Seminar at Hair Expo

There are still seats left to fill for the Australian Hairdressing Council’s premier business seminar series. A new AHC business seminar will debut at this year’s Hair Expo, and with so many necessary topics on the agenda it’s an event not to be missed.


The AHC Business Seminar promises to be big

The event promises to be somewhat controversial and always interesting. The event will go all day, with a range of different topics and speakers being sure to maintain your attention.

Topics will include fair work conduct and taxation processes specifically designed for small businesses like the salon. The talks will be delivered straight from the source, with Rebecca Price of the Fair Work Ombudsman and Jason Aitchison from the Australian Tax Office dolling out their insider knowledge. The pair will cover employment relationships, auditing and other necessary fields.

The seminar will be held at Hair Expo on Sunday June 8th from 8:30am. Tickets are $29 for AHC members and $49 for the general public. This is an important opportunity to understand the pivotal workings of the small business.

Sign up now or risk missing out on vital statistics, tips and tricks.

Tickets can be purchased here.

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