We spoke to Faith Williams, the director of BLONDEE Salon, Brisbane, about her daily life hacks, her song and drink of choice, style takes and life advice. This chat runs the gamut, enjoy!

You have woken up late, how do you style your hair? Any secret time-saving tips?

My go-to is a low slick bun with a scrunchie. The dirtier the hair, the better. This is usually what most people are working with if they are running late. Throw on some earrings and a bright red lip, and you look like you’ve spent so much time on your look.

Do you prefer getting dressed up or keeping things casual when it comes to fashion?

I like getting dressed up, but then I want to dress it down. I’ll wear a nice outfit with a pair of sneakers. It’s my go-to style for most things. 

Pick your poison.

Rosé or red wine.

What is a hair trend you’d like to stick around in 2021?

A root shadow. I don’t think it will go out of fashion anytime soon. It’s such a great technique as it keeps the colour low maintenance and flatters any complexion, especially if you’re very blonde.

What is your jam (song) in the salon?

I always like to play acoustic chill music because whenever I put anything on that is too upbeat, it would make the salon feel frantic! But apart from that, anything Harry Styles.

What is a cut or colour that you’d love to try but can’t bring yourself to do just yet?

Every year I talk about getting a bob, but it never happens. We cut bobs for people every day, and it looks so amazing, but I am a little bit of a chicken. Who knows, this year could be the year?

One tip for staying fit, motivated and healthy in 2021?

Staying fit and healthy is a non-negotiable for me, so I’d say make it a priority. Just like getting to work on time or brushing your teeth, make it something that is a part of your routine. Once you realise how good it makes you feel, it becomes addictive and you’re lost without it.

Describe your ideal date?

Heading somewhere relaxed on a Sunday afternoon for a drinks and a bite to eat – like a Sunday session. I don’t like going or staying out late.

The best advice anyone has given you?

Hire on personality, not skill. You can always teach skills, but you can’t change someone’s personality. I hired my staff based on their personalities, and they are the best team anyone could ask for. I love them.