We chatted with TONI&GUY Technical Director and AHFA Colourist Of The Year 2020 Jack Morton to discuss    his style, his go-to products, his illustrious career and life in general.

How would you describe your style aesthetic?

Eclectic, ill-fitting, and erratic. I get obsessive about something for a while then move on.

One hair product you cannot live without?

Label.M Texturizing Volume Paste. It gives life to my lifeless wisps of hair.

What are you most enjoying about the summer?

Catching up with all of the clients I haven’t seen in months! That and the sun. All my troubles slip away under the rays.

Pick your poison.

Beer. Lager. Cold. I’m a basic man.

What made you want to become a hairdresser?

It all happened by accident, but what sucked me in was the TONI&GUY culture. The dedication to education and fashion led directions. I feel so fortunate to work in a space that’s focused on self-expression.

The biggest accomplishments of 2020?

Not going insane! Winning AHFA Colourist Of The Year, learning to skateboard, staying optimistic. There have been so many accomplishments this year, it’s been quite the gift.

A new year’s resolution you’d like to keep in 2021?

To read more and call my family more.

What cut and colour would you like to see more of and why? 

Cut your hair! Experiment with shorter or mid length styles! I’m seeing so many people hold onto their length as a security blanket. Get rid of it, free yourself and try something new!!

Favourite Instagram account?

Roisin Murphy. She’s such a muse for me. Stylish, humorous and banging tunes.

Are you an introvert or an extrovert?

A bit of both. I love being by myself but also being surrounded by people.