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Flexible Working Arrangements for Salons

The Hair and Beauty Australia Industry Association wishes to outline the Flexible Working arrangements that allow stylists working in salons the ability to balance their commitments to both work and family.

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Flexible working arrangements can pertain to busy working parents

The Fair Work System, underpinned by the National Employment Standards, sets out the basic terms of employment in Australia. They dictate the right for employees to request flexible working arrangements, applicable to employees with carer responsibilities, those who are parents or guardians to school aged children or younger, those who are over the age of 55, those who have a disability and employees who are experiencing personal issues of family violence.

Salon employees must be full time or part time who have worked for the salon continuously for a year to be eligible for these arrangements. Casual employees must have had regular and long term employment at one salon to also be considered. Employees must submit a written request detailing the proposed changes and the reasoning behind them. The employer must then respond in writing within three weeks. Refusals may only be made on reasonable business grounds and must be outlined directly or risk being in breach of the Fair Work Act. These grounds may be financial, effect on the workplace, the inability to recruit a replacement to cover the changes or organise the work amongst existing staff and other practical factors.

Flexible Working Arrangements

Stylists can change or reduce their working schedules with flexible working arrangements

Both parties should attempt to negotiate the terms to a point that is mutually beneficial. The Fair Work Commission may dispute a refusal and employees may have access to the discrimination legislation if they feel they are being discriminated against.

Flexible working arrangements may pertain to changes in hour and patterns of work. Employees may reduce their amount of work, leading to a part time or casual status, or change the timing of their schedules.

While it is often difficult to balance our personal and professional lives, there are legislations in place to make the process easier. Contact HABA if you require more information on this important facet of salon employment.

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