Schwarzkopf Professional BLONDME’s product essence revolves around being a best friend to professional hairdressers, recently offering a campaign around the idea of best friendship as it pertains to this technology and blonde hair, titled #BLONDMEBBF. Here, colour experts weigh in on just why that bond is so wrong.

The hero BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9+ earns this status by offering nine levels of lift, for truly powerful lightening.

Dee Parker Attwood, Schwarzkopf Professional Ambassador, describes it as “efficient, caring and popular”.

“I can lift with confidence with it because I know it’s reparative and has fibre plex technology in it,” explained Jason Fassbender, Schwarzkopf Professional Guest Artist. “I never stress out when I use it, I know I’m going to get the levels of lift, the cleanliness of the lift and I know I’m not going to have the damage. I pretty much exclusively use BLONDME for everything.”

The technology is powered by Schwarzkopf Professional’s Integrated Bonding Technology, delivering a specific professional colour range that can be tailored to individual client requests and hair types. BLONDME premium bonding services include white coverage, highlighting and lightening, with hair quality always an extreme priority.

“I’ve chosen BLONDME premium lightener as my bestie in the salon based on the fact that we work on natural bases anywhere between 1 and 5,” shared Natalie Anne, Schwarzkopf Professional Guest Artist. “I need 9 levels of premium lift and I can basically close my eyes and know BLONDME will lift to the desired result. It will ensure my clients’ hair is clean and the integrity is still there. I can use it on scalp and off with the right processes in place to ensure we get the desired results in the salon.”

“I’ve tried so many different brands lighteners, but BLONDME gives me a clean canvas. After the bleach the colour goes so clean and healthy,” added Schwarzkopf Professional Guest Artist, Nic Shiun.

Discover your own salon friendship with the BLONDME Bond Enforcing Premium Lightener 9 +.

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