The latest foil collection from unstoppable Australian foil company Foil Me has arrived. Welcome So Serene, made to promote calm and that titular serenity in salon, with aquamarine hues and a white leaf design.

“Aquamarine is a gemstone with its name derived from the Latin word for seawater,” explained Emily Ciardiello, Co-owner and Creative Director of Foil Me. “Commonly, the sea is known for being a symbol of calmness, peace, spirituality and emotional balance and we wanted to bring that to our beautiful Foil Me lovers with So Serene. The carefully crafted and aesthetically pleasing aquamarine and leaf-print packaging was specifically designed so that colourists could have a beautiful shade of green that is different and unique within the salon environment.”

Other features include the brand’s signature embossing, with the foils’ renowned grip. Significantly, and showing the very personal and familiar nature of this local brand, the white leaf design was created by Emily herself.

“I’ve always imagined using my art background to create foil designs myself, making our foils truly unique, so I began drawing leaves and dew drops and our graphic design genie, [Foil Me graphic designer] Chelsea, traced them onto the computer and turned them into a reality,” Emily said.

“As 2020 moves into the second half of the year, and as we continue on during what has been a difficult and different year for us all, we look forward to this collection bringing some well-deserved and much needed calm, relaxation and peace to you and your guests,” she continued.

The foils are available in three sizes of original, wide and extra wide with distribution across Australia, UK, Canada and New Zealand.

Translate this sense of calm to every facet of your salon haven.

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