Foil Me’s Pride Collection of foils has its own source of pride, raising $2958 for ILGA World through Pride Month in June. The vivid rainbow collection donated $1 for every sale of the pack in June, generating some serious support for the cause, while also imbuing all salons with bright hues and their complementary sense of optimism.

“Each time Foil Me® commits to supporting a chosen charity or organisation, we are incredibly humbled and inspired by the support and generosity of our Foil Me® lovers & community,” shared Foil Me® co-owner and creative Director, Emily Ciardiello. “ With ‘The Pride Collection’ Foil Me ® wanted to not only bring joy to our Foil Me® lovers hearts, but optimism and unity too – after all, rainbows are formed while it is raining, yet the sun is still shining.”

ILGA World was developed 42 years ago, now spanning the entire globe with thousands of members working in the pursuit of support for the LGBTQI community. It facilitates processes for legal advice, human rights advocacy and more, to ensure the community can live freely. Foil Me’s dedication to and support for this cause was an important show of solidarity for a charity near to their hearts.

“The Pride Collection foil was initially designed in 2019 with the LGBTQI community in mind, paying homage to the colours of the pride flag by using rainbows, but going a few steps further by placing two rainbows ‘kissing’ or touching – representing love and acceptance – no matter what the race, colour, gender, national origin, age, religion, faith, disability, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression a person identifies with,” Emily explained.

The brand connected to the organisation through UK Foil Me ambassador Craig Purves, who has vocally championed this important collection and educated on the products online and on social media, as well as explaining their greater significance.

“I was incredibly chuffed when Foil Me® asked me to be involved with promoting The Pride Collection. I love the unique design because of what the Pride rainbow stands for – equality and diversity and it offers a point of difference. No one else has this design – it is unique to Foil Me® and always will be,” Craig said. “I’m all about celebrating love, equality and difference, that is why I love Foil Me so much – they don’t just make foils and brushes, they care about the world and try to help others too.”

$1 from every rainbow pack sold will continue to be donated to ILGA World.

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