A high energy, dynamic online event consisting of five channels streaming live to broadcast seminars, demos, conversations and shows dedicated to hair colour took place on September 6 and 7, as Colour World TV mirrored a pop-up TV station with its bold format.

The good news is, if you missed it, hairdressers can still purchase a ticket and catch up on the content at https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/colour-world-tv-2020-tickets-114147311682.

Australian foils company Foil Me, in collaboration with the brand’s UK distributor, How High Brands, supported the inspiring event with their renowned products.

“We were so excited to support COLOUR WORLD TV, an online, worldwide event organised by ColourWorld UK & Respect,” said Foil Me Co-Founder & Creative Director, Emily Ciardiello. “It was an amazing platform to expose Foil Me to a wider audience and the calibre of educators and presenters was just phenomenal! To see our brand in the company of other very prestigious brands was a very proud moment. We thank Ben Waring from How High Brands for his foresight in getting us involved and I’m looking forward to next year’s event!”

The show was presented by Colour World UK and powered by RESPECT, pioneering a new norm in hairdressing that still motivates colourists to extremes. Part education, product information and colour entertainment, the new launch presents an exciting new frontier in colour content.

Foil Me was promoted in several of the show’s competition, as well as being part of over 200 VIP goodie bags and supporting many key stage performers throughout the two days. Big names included Alfie Pfeffer and Nikita Jane, who won an ‘Innovative Colour Genius’ award at the event.

“The salon essentials that Foil Me provide have been, and always will be, designed for you, the conscious artist. Each collection is recyclable and unique offering a myriad of sizes, alloy composition, colours, and hand-drawn designs to ensure you, the savvy colourist, has premium and exquisite hair tools that you deserve,” said Ben Waring, Managing Director of How High Brands. “I appreciate the innovation, quality, sustainability, recyclability, social support, communication & culture of Foil Me along with the brand philosophy and of course, the people behind the brand.”

Colourists around the world were able to watch, learn and interact, with a designated chat facility that allowed certain audience members to share the screen with famous colour hosts.

Foil Me’s dedication to art, creativity, innovation and colour skill was perfectly placed in this environment, fuelling true talent and allowing inspiration to jump through the screen. Catch up now if you haven’t already.

For more information visit www.foilme.com.au