Australian foil juggernaut Foil Me has expended into the beauty sector, launching a dynamic new venture that focuses on skincare and cementing their status as industry disruptors even further. The product, Foil Me Skin, is an Australian-made formula, built to aid those who suffer from skin irritation, especially those in the hair industry who face exposure to harsh chemicals and constant hand washing.

The product was built from the desire of Foil Me owners, Emily and Iliano Ciardiello, to find a solution for their son’s longstanding struggle with eczema. As such Foil Me Skin is SLS and Paraben-free, vegan and organic, not tested on animals and created with ethically-sourced ingredients.

“In desperation, we were speaking to a friend about our son’s condition, and he mentioned he knew the creator and owner of an incredible cream called Derma Magic. The owner had formulated a lotion over the past 40 years due to this own issues with psoriasis, so we decided to give it a try,” Emily said.

“Three months later, it helped clear up our son’s eczema dramatically, and only after using it for a few weeks on my own face, body and hands, I am shocked at how smooth (and dare I say it – younger) my skin looks,” Emily continued. “We have several plans to update and expand this range, but for now, take comfort knowing this cream will help you with your own skin conditions because with Foil Me, more is what you deserve.”

The product utilises Tea Tree Oil, Eucalyptus Oil and Bay Leaf (Laurus Nobilis) Oil, Paramao Root Oil and Lemongrass Oil and Aloe Vera to sooth acne and inflammation, provide anti-bacterial properties, heal the skin, lessen dandruff and provide relief in its bold combination of essential oils. Following on from their iconic Foil Me foils, the brand ensure exceptional professionalism, truly caring for skin with a fresh, natural aroma in a chemical-free formula and non-greasy, soft and silky finish. It can also be used as a barrier cream.

Always keeping the hairdresser front of mind, Foil Me now has the solution for your distressed hands and skincare concerns in general. Add Foil Me Skin your beauty repertoire.

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