We’re sure you’ve heard about Social Sorted, a platform of social media content specifically designed for salons, and, until June 30, this content will be delivered free to salons. This allows hair industry professionals to elevate their social media skills at no cost to ensure further inspiration, education and growth in the pandemic.

“As we navigated the COVID-19 pandemic, our team began looking for ways to better support and serve the hairdressing industry we love so much,” said co-founder and CEO, Jo Burgess, renowned in the industry through her work with Shortcuts Salon Software. “In a matter of weeks, social media established itself as a powerful channel for salons to communicate and stay connected with their clients during such a critical time. After some deep thought, we’ve decided that one of the best ways we can contribute and help the global hairdressing community is by opening up the doors to the Social Sorted membership. This will allow us to welcome and support more salons with their social media, especially now.”

Jo created the platform to provide social media content, captions, community and strategic education, and now this is available with free access to members until 30 June 2020. New members will be able to join the unique international service free of charge, and access content, webinars and strategy planning every month to build their social media skills, knowledge and confidence.

“Initially, we kept membership exclusive as we are building a Facebook community of salons who share and excite one another, and who can easily engage with the service to let us know what they need most,” Jo said. “We have responded by running additional requested webinars and developing comprehensive strategy plans and content that has helped them smash it online. But during this unprecedented time of global uncertainty, we knew we could help more salons by opening up our membership again.”

After June 30, the service will once again cost $35USD a month with no lock-in contract. It provides 30 new and topical images and on-point captions each month, which are carefully curated to supplement every style of salon or shop in the hair industry. The images come copyright-free, for use for any media including a salon’s website. Continued content, advice and education keep the platform always relevant and important.

“It can be pretty demoralising posting day after day and getting little traction on social. We are a busy, upmarket salon but most of our clients are still coming in for root touch-ups and trims, which makes it difficult to add variety to our Instagram page,” said Daniel Di Iorio, owner of Diior10 salon, who joined in the first round. “I’m too busy growing the salon and motivating and educating the team to spend hours trawling through online and creating other content that I’m confident I’m allowed to use. So I hooked up with Social Sorted as soon as it launched.”

The salon is now using the Social Sorted content alongside their own images and captions, which has built a better sense of ownership and brand awareness and understanding amongst the team. The many salons on the platform continue to discuss the content and facilitate their own new network on Facebook. No subscribers have left the group, pointing to the success of Jo’s exclusive, slow-growth model and the bona fide online industry community she is building.

Empowering the industry through technology, innovation and education is paramount and never more so than during times of crisis, where inspiration, growth, camaraderie and community is more essential than ever. Sign up for free to Social Sorted for that evolution and education on your own terms and device.

For more information www.socialsorted.net