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Fudge Professional Style London Collections Men

Fudge Professional have once again had their presence felt backstage at one of the the trendiest men’s fashion shows in the world. Collaborating with four stellar brands – Belstaff, Katie Eary, Sibling and Topman – Fudge was a significant component of London Collections Men, putting their signature slant into everything from dishevelled manes to pops of colour.


Fudge for Belstaff

For Topman, Matt Mulhall created the Slobulant look, an undone aesthetic that complemented the collection’s grunge vibes, circa 1993. Where the collection utilised an eclectic mix of texture and prints to showcase this theme, the hair was left messy, dishevelled and close to the head. Matt coined the term Slobulant – meaning tailor made sloppiness.

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Fudge for Topman

For Belstaff, Fudge created a snow-inspired look entitled Heading North. Teiji Utsumi took the reins on the look, which was based on cold adventure, based on the collection’s use of innovative new materials and constructions with classic features. The hair was made to reflect the aesthetic after riding through snowy mountains, with a mixture of wet and matte textures.


Fudge for Belstaff

For Katie Eary, Teiji again created the look, with a colourful, eclectic aesthetic known as 60s Vibes. The fashion was based on the documentary The Sacred Triangle, which focused on the influence of musicians Iggy Pop and Lou Reed on legendary rock star David Bowie. The hair maintained these 60s sensibilities, with looks inspired by the Beatles and Brigitte Bardot. Prominent sideburns, messy textures, retro beehives and full fringe hair pieces coloured with Fudge Professional Headpaint sold this level of nostalgia.


Fudge for Katie Eary

The looks then travelled through hair history, landing at a look called 80s Colour Pop, created by Teji for the Sibling show. The fashion brand’s obsession with the pop culture of the 70s and 80s, particularly encapsulated in icons Grace Jones and Jean Micehl Basquiat, was captured in a bold hair look. Utilising the primary colours found on Grace Jones’ album covers – acid yellow, blood red and rich blue – the hair team coloured hair wefts with the new Fudge Professional Paintbox. They then added a modern twist to the otherwise square buffalo shape found in the 80s.


Fudge for Sibling

Get the look for Sibling:


Fudge for Sibling

1. Prime hair with Fudge Professional Tri Blo to create light hold and heat protection for the ultimate styling foundation.
2. Apply Fudge Professional Hot Hed and blowdry sweeping hair away from face towards the nape of the neck.
3. Glue coloured hair wefts to the front section of hair in a semi-circle shape.
4. Using a small tong, tightly curl front and crown sections of hair to create a buffalo inspired flick.
5. Spray lashings of Fudge Professional Head Shine to create a sweaty wet look finish.

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