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Fudge Takes on Asia

Professional haircare brand Fudge recently became the official sponsor of the OMC Asian Cup Open International Championships in Taiwan.


Headed up by creative director John Vial, the Fudge art team inspired with their styling and technical expertise with a range of session up-styles, catwalk creations, and directional colouring techniques using the Fudge Paintbox and Headpaint range.

The Fudge art team showcased three awe-inspiring collections over the two-day event, with 30,000 attendees from 30 different countries in attending the International Championships.


John Vial was joined by Fudge Global Head of Technical Training, Tracy Hayes and their art team members Callam Warrington, Andrea Martinelli, Hong Liu and Hiro Kiezaki.

“This was a really interesting time for the Fudge team as we were introducing the brand to a whole new audience; the OMC championships were the ideal opportunity to showcase the Fudge colour and product range,” said Fudge Creative Director John Vial.


“This was an important time for Fudge to really make a presence in Asia and overall it was a great success,” said Fudge Global Head of Technical Training, Tracy Hayes.

“We had the best models who were so keen for us to show off the full Fudge colour range and really loved the end result. With twenty plus models all needing a complete restyle for the shows, the support of the Fudge art team who came with us was vital – it was a true experience for all of us involved,” she said.

For more information about Fudge and for distribution details, call 1300 764 437.


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