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Future Folklore Collection: Fairytale and Fantasy

Inspired by the imagination and creativity anchored in the realm of dreams, Joanne O’Neill’s Future Folklore Collection is a conceptual take on fairytale fashion. The Irish stylist is adventurous with colour, shape and styling, resulting in an Avant-Garde total look that manages to be both theatrical and ornate.

Set against an icy backdrop, the collection utilises intricate braids, a vast range of textures, commercial to bold colouring and complex patterns to create a range of daring silhouettes that catch the eye. Created to exude both modernity and femininity, the styling constructs elusive characters who each tell their own unique story.

O’Neill has been the recipient of the Irish Photographic Award for Avant-Garde and is an Irish winner of the Alternative Hair Visionary Awards, as well as being a salon owner and member of Intercoiffure Ireland. The artistic vision, unique perspective and technical prowess demonstrated in the Future and Folklore collection demonstrates why these achievements come as no surprise.

See the full collection below.









Hair – Joanne O’Neill
Photographer – Jim Crone
Makeup – Paddy McGurgan
Styling – stylecreative

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