Gadiva’s Fan-Tip Hair Extension system poises a new generation in the extension market, and the brand’s Australian launch last November means we’ll all be at the centre of it all. The system offers extensions that are 100% natural, damage and chemical free, light weight, undetectable to the eye and utilise 60% smaller micro beads than traditional micro ring systems. We’re as curious as you are.


Gadiva Hair Extensions was founded by Gaetono Crocilla, an Italian-turned-Aussie hair stylist, in 2005. Since launching the brand’s reusable I-tip hair extension system a decade ago, salons have jumped on board, with hundreds of national salons stocking the product. The fan-tip system hopes to take this a step further.

The application process makes the extensions simple to attach, reposition or remove from the hair using a synching tool. The brand’s special Micro Ring, said to be 60% smaller than traditional extension rings, is used to secure the Fan-Tip to the existing hair with Gadiva Pliers.


The brand claims these extensions offer an alternative to traditional extension options, being more light weight, flat to the scalp and undetectable. The system also creates fullness, volume, length and colour shading, allowing the client to have darker or lighters shades simultaneously.

It’s the next step to the I-Tip, and if that was anything to go by the Fan-Tip should win no shortage of fans (no pun intended) itself.

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