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Galaxy Hair Is Trending

We’ve long been looking to decipher things in the stars, and the latest outer space discovery is a viral hair trend, aptly titled Galaxy Hair.


The look involves highly pigmented, rather than pastel, hues – think blues, purples, greens, silvers and even sometimes reds. The involved process can take three to four hours to complete and comprises lightening natural colour and then applying the multitude of bold shades that fade into each other on top. After colour care is, of course, a must.


The trend is taking off with both men and women sharing their new creative looks on Instagram under the hastags #galaxyhair or #spacehair. They’re also uploading a photo of the cosmos alongside it for comparison purposes, which we appreciate.


We’re giving these brave clients – and the talented stylists behind the looks – points for accuracy. Is this another bold colour trend you’ll be trying?

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