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ghd for Ruby Autumn/Winter 2014

ghd Hair Director Sara Allsop and the Dharma team combined chic with grunge in the styling for the Ruby Autumn/Winter 2014 collection show in New Zealand, writes Shannon Gaitz.

This served as one of the line’s many contrasts, encapsulating the rebel and the dreamer with mustard yellows against cobalt blues and pale pinks. Deep-sea greens created a purposeful clash, framed with the heavy use of charcoal, grey and black. Echoing this, the hair styling was slightly dishevelled, softly feminine and always effortless.

While the line was inspired by the 1968 Parisian student riots and the styling encapsulating a 90s grunge shape, both references were achieved for the purpose of reflecting urban youth.

Sixties style became a unifying feature, with ‘The Dreamers’ bleached tie-dye print set amongst raw-edged denim, t-shirts and knit scarves. Metallic hues, glitter velveteen and crystal embellishments provided Ruby’s trademark attention to detail, while ghd employed history and creativity to produce youthful perfection.


1. Apply ghd curl hold spray liberally throughout the mid-lengths and ends of the hair, blow dry in using ghd air professional hairdryer and a ghd paddle brush.

2. Using the ghd tail comb take a high side part and apply ghd final fix hairspray to the smaller side. Using the ghd oval dressing brush and ghd air professional hairdryer, dry in the ghd final fix hairspray whilst brushing the hair using a back and upwards motion.

3. Apply ghd final fix hairspray again to the small side, creating a slicked-back look. 

4. For the remaining hair, use ghd eclipse styler throughout the mid-lengths and ends to add texture to the hair, pick pieces randomly to create an uneven texture.

5. Apply ghd final fix hairspray and finish by running your fingers through the hair, adding a ‘grungy’ texture.


ghd eclipse styler

ghd air professional hairdryer

ghd paddle brush

ghd oval dressing brush

ghd tail comb

ghd curl hold spray

ghd final fix hairspray

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