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ghd Host First Infinite Styling Event at Sydney Opera House

Tuesday October 3rd may have just been a random Tuesday to you, but to a bevy of models, stylists, ghd team members and eventually event guests, it will now be remembered as the day of Infinite Styling. ghd Australia and UK each styled in an elaborate design concept, creating over 70 looks on ten models in twelve hours, and that’s just in Australia alone.

With the Australian team led by ghd Australia Creative Director Richard Kavanagh, the incredibly talented team also consisted of Jayne Wild, Brad Lepper, Lisa Vitale, Shaleena Winter, Richi Grisllio, Mia Davries, Alana Dunphy, Travis Bandiera, Liam Hubbard and Jayme Lee Franco, with Uros Mikic in the UK contingent, representing the Australian group.

The hairdressers took over the Sydney Opera House, creating elegant and edgy looks with the new Nocturne Christmas collection, and all-new contour tool in particular. Crimped texture in all its permutations stood out as a hero feature of the many, many looks. Throughout the day, ghd collaborated with media partner INSTYLE, capturing hero images to be displayed in INSTYLE November December. Glamorous gowns and traditionally beautiful makeup ensured the shoot was executed with levels of luxury you would expect from ghd.

“It was an amazing location to spend the day in, it was a pretty epic undertaking as well to have 10 models and doing as many looks as we could on each girl and photographing them,” Richard said. “The reason it was so unique is because we were in an iconic venue, styling multiple looks, styling, styling and styling again, on the same model and photographing them for the INSTYLE editorial, and we were doing that concurrently with the UK team and doing live crosses back and forth.”

“It felt like a combination of photoshoot, event, education, and epic styling hair opportunity – and a telethon,” Richard continued. “We captured some incredible images, it exceeded my expectations. Because nothing like this has ever been undertaken before, I didn’t know if we would be able to execute it logistically, and as we went through the day we kicked so many more goals than we expected and created some incredible, iconic images.”

Richard Kavanagh

After 12 hours of styling in both Australia and the UK, salons and media arrived at the Opera House for a decadent launch event. Honouring the new Nocturne collection, purple was a definite theme, while canapes and live acapella music in front of an incomparable view provided the evening with its air of elegance. After a life cross to Uros in London and introduction from ghd Australia and New Zealand Managing Director Ludovic Dellazzeri, Richard introduced ten of the final looks created, and the models paraded the latest in glamourous hair.

Ludovic Dellazzeri

“Everybody was really open to the process – they really enjoyed the opportunity to learn and experiment and having no brief made that easier, because everyone was really open to expressing themselves,” Richard said of the styling team. “The whole team felt like they were part of something bigger. Everyone went away from it feeling like they had had an educational experience, and took away something they had learned that they’re going to take away with them forever.”

Beyond that, the images speak for themselves, capturing the intriguing phase ghd is currently in. Between the launch of Nocturne, the ascension of ghd contour and Infinite Styling breaking the mould in the realm of revolutionary session styling concepts, ghd is turning a good hair day into a good hair year.

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