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ghd Release Hair Tutorials For A Cause

ghd have released a series of four beauty tutorials titled ‘You Are Not Defined By Your Hair’, a seemingly contradictory title that actually delves deeper into the styling conglomerate’s true values. The videos are in support of the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF), addressing the self-esteem issues that may come with losing hair to cancer treatments.

The brand’s annual pink campaign, which offers limited edition stylers with proceeds going to breast cancer charities, has raised $18 million over 12 years, a figure ghd hopes to raise to $20 million by the end of this year. As well as these much-needed funds, ghd is now donating something just as vitally significant – emotional support (and beauty advice).


Sue Stannard and Adam Reed

The four videos see high-profile ghd ambassadors partner with women who have experienced breast cancer, to address pertinent beauty needs such as styling headscarfs, mastering wigs and more. Alex Jones, Indira Jayasuriya, Helener Weller and Sue Stannard, all currently living with breast cancer, were the models for each video.

In the first video, ghd UK Ambassador Zoe Irwin teaches wig styling. She recommends hairdressers trim a wig to suit the client’s face shape, and advises wig caps to keep the wig in place.


Helen Weller and Zoe Irwin

“Often the hair that we lust after like Beyonce’s new curl or Jessie J’s crop cut is all wigs, so don’t be scared of wigs,” Zoe shared. “Synthetic wigs are a great starting point and are used a lot as the price point is so fantastic. However, you need to get rid of the synthetic reflection and shine; use some dry shampoo or eye shadow to give a natural looking root and around the hairline.”

Next Fashion Editor Lily Russo focused on head wrapping and Beauty Editor Sophie Beresiner outlined steps for brows and eyes. Lastly, Adam Reed shared insights into hair that is only just growing back, warning against heat styling and colouring in the first six months, and advising brushing the hair with a soft-bristle brush to stimulate growth.


Alex Jones and Sophie Beresiner

“When your hair starts to come through you will find that it’s uneven. If you had straight hair it might be tight coarse curls or if you had curly hair it might be straight; this is absolutely normal and it’s your new normal,” Adam said. “You’re going to have short hair, shoulder length and long hair – plan that journey and embrace that change.”

Aside from the wealth of donations ghd has given to the cause, this offering is as important and more personal, a vital resource for those experiencing cancer treatments, and their hairdressers, alike.


Indira Jayasuriya and Lily Russo

“Having worked in the breast cancer field for over 15 years, I have witnessed the difficulties patients face,” said Breast Clinical Nurse Specialist Denise Flett, who also shares insights in a video on the website. “Often the most significant anxiety regarding treatment is loss of hair. A resource that can offer practical and expert tips in an empowering way is something I would direct patients and colleagues to.”

Watch a trailer for the campaign below:

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