ghd have long been renowned as experts in heat styling, so their all-new Heat Protection Styling Range is a natural step and a welcome addition to the brand family.

The line of ten essential styling products is designed by professional stylists and ghd engineering heat experts, and each product is to be used alongside ghd styling tools to further assure long-lasting, professional results. The tools feature the advanced ghd heat protection system, designed to create a lightweight and invisible thermal protective barrier between hair and heat and coating each strand of hair, allowing for optimal heat styling without the fear of damage.

“We are dedicated to developing innovative technologies and creating products that tackle consumer and professional stylist needs,” said ghd CEO Jeroen Temmerman. “We partnered hair stylists and ghd heat experts to design the new heat protection styling range, which maximises heat styling and provides added protection and style longevity, for optimum styling results.”

The invisible shield created contains protection polymers that prevent cuticles from lifting, as well as conditioning agents that retain moisture and enhance hair gloss. The technology overall improves the smoothness of the hair surface and offers healthier looking hair.

“I style with heat every dayand the ghd heat protection styling products allow me to push the boundaries of creativity with my ghd tools,” said Dafydd Thomas, ghd global head of education. “Providing added protection and longevity, the heat protection styling products set the foundation to every hair look. The synergy between the products and the styling tools provides the most optimum styling results.”

Within the ten essential styling products, the products can be paired to maximise heat styling or used individually to gain a particular quality. For example, the Straight & Smooth Spray works well alone to smooth, control and de-frizz hair until the next day, while the Root Lift Spray works for 2.5 times more volume when paired with the ghd rise. Total Volume Foam adds fullness to fine hair while the Smooth & Finish Serum together with the Final Shine Spray offers a high-impact, sleek finish. The Final Fix Hairspray and its Handbag Size counterpart control every strand.

When teaming up with tools, consider the Heat Protect Spray with the ghd platinum+ styler and Advanced Split End Therapy with the ghd helios hairdryer. The Curl Hold Spray complements the ghd curve wands and tongs for hold and reduced frizz.

“My ultimate power couple whilst working backstage at Fashion Week, on shoots, or in the salon is the ghd platinum+ styler and bodyguard heat protect spray,” shared Pauline McCabe of Rock Paper Scissors hair. “The thermal protective layer gives me the confidence to be able to restyle my model’s hair in many different looks whilst ensuring the health and condition. It’s a must in my kit.”

The ticket to top-tier style is here and awaits. Add to kit.

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