It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, and an essential part of the holiday season comes in the form of ghd’s annual styling collection. This year is particularly special, with the major haircare brand releasing it’s largest collection ever.

Blonde Waves

This year ghd are offering eleven different gift sets, ideal for clients, loved ones or even yourself. The limited edition ghd Arctic Gold collection – named for the warm white and arctic gold roll bags that encase each product set – is the ultimate accessory to put on the retail shelf and under the tree this year.

Shot 07_Carton_Product_LR

The collections are each comprised of cutting edge ghd tools, such as the beloved new ghd platinum, ghd curve set, ghd air professional hairdryer and more.

Shot 01_HRF1
The ghd air and V classic styler in a limited edition Arctic gold finish

Other collections package these tools together in order to achieve particular looks, such as beach curls or soft waves. Additionally, certain tools, such as the ghd V classic styler, have been redesigned with that distinctive Arctic gold finish.

Shot 13_HRF1
ghd V classic styler in Arctic gold

Delineating each set by tool or desired hair look, while offering a chic and limited edition new arctic gold aesthetic for select products, makes these packs the ideal gift or retail purchase. The chic White Christmas themed packaging also allows them to stand out in any holiday season salon display.

Shot 02_HRF1
ghd platinum

Inspired by runway-ready hair but ideal for any professional stylist or consumer, the ghd Arctic Gold Collection has us hoping Santa will find we’ve been good this year.

Shot 15_HRF1
ghd curve

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