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When a traditional beauty event and big budget launch didn’t seem right for a new beauty brand, Maxted Thomas PR had their sights set on something simple yet spirited for the launch of Goodness Beauty, writes Cameron Pine.

The cliché beauty event of fine-dining, flowers and food that doesn’t get touched often underscores most weeks for beauty media and bloggers – so when guests arrived at rustic and raw District01 in Sydney’s Surry Hills, it was refreshing to see the environment set more for interaction and un-restrained information rather than to impress and shower guests with unnecessary expense.

Goodness Beauty Launch_6953

Goodness Beauty speaks for itself, and as the name suggests, it’s a beauty range underpinned by all the goodness of superfood ingredients such as chia seed oil and a brand philosophy that is accessible and achievable for all.

“Goodness doesn’t take itself too seriously. We figure if we’re not having fun and making people smile, something’s amiss. The beauty world is a little bit stuffy, a little bit predictable. It needs a shake-up and we reckon Goodness is the brand to do it,” said Goodness Beauty Brand Manager, Erica Andersen.

Goodness Beauty Launch_6892

Executed by Maxted Thomas PR’s Ian Thomas, the aim was to create empathy with the brand via honesty and openness. “Our response to the brief was to deconstruct all the glamour and glitz and expense of a normal beauty launch, inject a bit of humour with illustrated flowers, place mats and a TV to bring the idea of Goodness to life. We still managed to tell the story of what the new product range was all about. But by asking the guests to help choose where we donated the money we’d saved on flowers, catering and AV, I think we created an instant emotional connection with the brand which also supported what the brand stands for,” Ian said.

The result was more cute than cheesy and guests left feeling positive about their experience and not overwhelmed with yet another product range. As a result of the significant savings Goodness were able to donate a total of $9,500 to charities selected by the guests.

Goodness Beauty Launch_6893

After tallying votes, the $5,000 flower and styling budget was given to Send Hope, Not Flowers – to support the organizations amazing work in reducing maternal mortality rates in developing countries. For more information visit

Goodness Beauty Launch_6927

The $2,500 AV budget was donated to Little Sun (their mission has two parts and can be viewed at Little Sun provides clean, solar powered little sun lights to ‘off-grid’ communities where light is needed the most and by providing the capital for little ‘sun agents’ to get a start.

The $2,000 catering budget was donated to Ozharvest – the first perishable food rescue organization in Australia that collects excess food from commercial outlets and delivers it free of charge to 600 charities – providing much needed assistance to people across Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Canberra, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Newcastle and Perth.

Goodness Beauty Launch_6894

With incredible fragrances and user-friendly formulas, Goodness Beauty has confirmed that chia seeds are not just a super-healthy food, but squeezing the goodness out of these little seeds has the perfect 3:1 ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 essential fatty acids and promotes anti-inflammatory, anti-ageing and hydration properties. The hero product in the range, Goodness Certified Organic Chia Seed Oil, is kept company by four simple products including Every Moring Moisturiser, Every Evening Cream, Everyday Cream Cleanser and Every Week face scrub.

Guests left the space with faith that affordable beauty solutions can give back and the belief that a presentation can be just as effective without the expensive LCD screen. The make shift cardboard tv ensured that the presenters delivered on their promise and that was to share the gift of good in the most succinct and streamlined way.

A little bit of goodness goes a long way, it seems.

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