Glampalm have unveiled two new launches that aid thermal styling, with the debut of The Magic Wand and the Pneumatic Paddle Brush.

While we can’t verify that The Magic Wand is actual magic, it does promise professional, sculpted curls, with optimal heat settings, which is as close to magic as you’ll find. A one-touch temperature control allows the user to only apply the necessary heat to the hair, choosing from three levels of temperature settings, monitored by LED display indicators.


The barrel of the tool is also infused with Healing Stone Technology, which treats the hair and adds shine whilst styling. A 360 degree swivel chord, kick stand, used to prevent damage to surfaces when the tool isn’t in use, and automatic switch off after 30 minutes are other undeniable highlights of the tool.

The tool is used best when paired with the new Pneumatic Paddle Brush, handcrafted by Italian manufacturers Acca Kappa. A natural rubber cushion, unique bristle structure and heat resistant nylon pins with rounded epoxy tips style hair with precise attention to detail.


These features serve to delicately massage the scalp and absorb pressure to allow for gentle styling. The brush is made using sustainable materials, and is built to simultaneously stimulate the scalp and polish the hair.

Where the Magic Wand is our favourite new hero product, the Pneumatic Paddle Brush is a tantalising sidekick. Which tool are you looking to add to your arsenal?

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