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Global.Synergy UK Winner Announced

Cardiff hairdresser Casey Coleman of Ocean Hair will be heading to Australia, as the inaugural winner of Global.Synergy UK. Coleman will participate in Ssshhh: The Oz Secret on November 16, working alongside some true industry greats in the experience of a lifetime.

Finalists & Mentors at SACO

Finalists and mentors at SACO

Coleman was announced as the winner following a two day mentoring program for all the finalists, hosted by Emiliano Vitale, in association with the Australian Hairdressing Council and AHC Youthworx. Finalists were mentored with some of the best in Tony & Leonardo Rizzo, Jamie & Sally Brooks, Richard Ashforth, Sandy Chong , CEO of the Australian Hairdressing Council, and Dario Cotroneo of DCI Education Australia. The finalists were given the rare opportunity to learn from these icons personally and take on their words of wisdom.

Emiliano addressing the finalists 2

Emiliano Vitale addresses the finalists

“I’m truly elated to be the Global.Synergy UK 2014 winner! Not only is the prize an incredible career opportunity but I feel like Global.Synergy is the boost to gain myself some recognition in the industry,” said Coleman. “The mentoring days and Salon International experience with Emiliano and his team were incredible, and I am looking forward to working alongside (fellow finalists) Ben and Jodie again to share our Global.Synergy experiences.”

Richard Ashforth cutting demo

A cutting demonstration by Richard Ashforth

Coleman will be in the thick of Ssshhh, which is a neutral platform that brings together some of the industry’s greatest stylists in the name of creativity. Coleman will work alongside the likes of Robert Lobetta, Togninis, é SALON, X-Presion, Richard Ashforth and Brooks & Brooks. The 500-strong crowd will be privy to the individual and combined artistic talents of these stylists in what promises to be an enthralling show, and Coleman just won himself a spot backstage.

Sandy, Dario, Jodie, Casey, Ben, emiliano and Lisa

Finalists and mentors with winner Casey Coleman

“I was so very proud to announce Casey the winner of the inaugural Global.Synergy UK,” said Vitale. “The spirit of the competition was present in all three finalists, however we must ultimately decide who will best represent Global.Synergy as an ambassador and spread the word of what we are doing. Casey is an amazing hairdresser, blessed with a quirky and witty personality and a very genuine and unique style.”

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