Just because the world has just about stopped, it doesn’t mean hair colour trends end, apparently. Celebrated in tinsel-town and advocated by top-tier celebrity stylists (not to mention celebrities), this trend has been around for a few years but is perfectly suited to our current climate – it’s time to embrace Gloss Smudging.

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The technique subtly smudges the hair highlights at the root of the hair, and can be utilised on hair of any tone or colour, to tailored extremes. Applied as a final step in the colouring process, the colourist applies a gloss or toner to the roots section by section, for a soft, natural finish done with ease and in hardly any time.

The very subtle technique means clients don’t have to fear their roots growing out, as the soft technique allows for a more natural grown-out look. This is an important win-win for clients and hairdressers with continued salon and distancing restrictions.

With these requirements in mind, Gloss Smudging is a value add-on that shows your clients the extra care and thought you give their colour treatment, especially when you know their salon visits may be less frequent at this time.

The trend is worn by celebrities such as Anna Faris, Karlie Kloss and Mindy Kaling, so you know clients have seen it on their feeds, even if they can’t tell. Throughout the pandemic it’s been showcased on platforms such as Refinery29, to enter (or re-enter, depending on how tapped in you are) true public consciousness. Real life examples exist under the #glossmsudging hashtag on Instagram.

With the capacity to truly tailor this look in its subtlety and drama, and its ability to make colour fade out, rather than create an extreme line when colour grows out, Gloss Smudging is a must-have value add on for salons in 2020.