On Friday, June 12, Hair Director Ali Pirzadeh and the UNITE and GO24•7 teams created completely individual styles to complement the SS16 Nasir Mazhar collection, writes Chloe Falivene.


Both men and women walked the runway in Mazhar’s show, styled with GO24•7 and UNITE products, respectively.

The fashion featured relentless black clothing in a multitude of textures, occasionally broken up by a light camouflage grey pattern. Mazhar’s signature youthful and subversive signature was all over the hard street styles, with frequent bare chests and midriffs on display. Black lips and face coverings finished the looks in extreme style.


Nasir said the collection “represents the fire and inspiration of the streets. I wanted to create an army of real people to represent a real collection.”


“This look was all about attitude and individualism,” Ali agreed. “No two looks are alike as are no two hair styles.”


Models with long hair were given a sleek finish with the GO24•7 CREAM WAX. Those with shorter, textured cuts were lent some structure by the GO24•7 POMADE. Looks were finished with GO24•7 CONTROL SPRAY.


Each model had their hair prepped with U Luxury Oil, and hair was blow dried and gathered into a high ponytail. Half wigs of long curly hair were added, and remaining natural hair was sprayed with UNITE Session MAX to help create tight curls. Looks were finished with UNITE Tricky Spray for added hold and texture.

For more information visit the brands’ Australian distributor at evolvehairconcepts.com.au or call 1300 EVOLVE