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GO24.7 Take Milan

Men’s brand GO24.7 created three incarnations of the modern man for the runways of Milan, styling three different male looks for designers ICEBERG, Andrea Pompilio and DAKS.


GO24.7 for DAKS

The direction for ICEBERG was a clean, fresh hair aesthetic, described as ‘almost angelic’. This focus on natural preparation with varying intensified texture complemented a fashion angle inspired by Zabriski Point, the mountains of California. The looks replicated this essence in their fusion of materials and vivid colour, showcasing the dust, heat and rocky landscape of the region.


GO24.7 for ICEBERG

For Andrew Pompilio the brand recreated the 80s, detailing the look as ‘tastefully wrong with a quirky element’. The fashion collection was bound by a deep sense of nostalgia, developing a man that is an intellectual and a romantic. This vibe was formed with 20s style schoolboy tailoring, pops of colour and a fashion geek theme.


GO24.7 for Angela Pompilio

The DAKS collection was based on a well-known Latin proverb; ‘Mens sana in corpore sano’, loosely translated as ‘a sound mind in a healthy body’. This focus on athletics is shown in clear lines that are derived from the strict discipline that is found in gymnastics and other rigorous athletics courses.

The hair was then styled as modern retro, specifically ‘30s sportsman sleek’. A super smooth finish and high sheen conveyed this sense of the debonair athlete.


GO24.7 for DAKS

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