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Gold Leaf Hair Trend Jumps from Runway to Salon

It seems that consumer hair trends have become a little more expensive, with gold leaf the new client accessory of choice.

Already an editorial makeup statement on lips or eyelids on catwalks across the world, gold leaf hair is the latest permutation, and is rapidly becoming popular with hairdressers, consumers and the trend-setters of Instagram.


Gold leaf – a form of super thin real gold – has a long and proud beauty history on runways and in magazines, in the form of makeup (gold lips at Prada’s show at this season’s Paris Fashion Week come to mind), but also in hair. Dries Van Noten used a thin, understated line of gold (if there is such a thing) in the models’ hair part for their spring show last year, and, as is usually the case in the Instagram age, the trend has now grown considerably.


Gold lips at Prada. Image via Harper’s Bazaar

The looks making their way around the internet under the hashtag #goldleafhair range from this more  subdued line of gold, to specks to almost full coverage. The key is painting mousse or gel onto the appropriate areas of hair, and then pressing the gold down on top.

Gold-Leaf-Hair-Trend (2)

Gold Leaf Hair at Dries Van Noten

This is one of those dynamic trends that will speak to both the commercial and editorial hairdresser in you – and it’s a perfectly viable aesthetic option to take backstage as well as the chair. While hair tattoos and glitter may seem a little more economical, gold leaf is actually totally affordable (the title is misleading) and is readily available everywhere from craft stores to online. Suffice to say this December will be your fanciest summer yet.


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