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Goldwell Color Zoom 2014 Global Awards

A weekend dedicated to the global hair industry at its finest had it all – catwalks, creativity and competitions, before the winners of the global Goldwell Color Zoom awards were revealed. The event kicked off in Berlin on October 11th with an outstanding welcoming event, and the live competition, fashion shows and education seminars followed over the next two days in the same frenetic fashion.


The Station, Berlin hosted the live competition, where international representatives competed in three categories, New Talent Colorist, Partner Colorist & Creative Colorist, simultaneously. Australian representatives included Stacey Simpsons, Daniel Lepore and Larissa Bresnehan in the three categories respectively, while New Zealand was represented by Ani Petty and Candace Cole in the New Talent Colorist and Creative Talent Colorist categories. They competed with the world’s best colourists, as decided by each country’s national competition, after which the winners were announced. Bresnehan took home the bronze for Creative Colorist, amongst winners from Russia, South Africa, Norway, Vietnam, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


Larissa Bresnehan accepts her bronze awards for Creative Colorist

As well as the competition, the event was filled with an incredible hair fashion catwalk show and the debut of the 2015 Color Zoom collection. Next year’s collection will now be created by this year’s winners. This was followed by the elusive Goldwell after party.


Ani Petty from New Zealand’s model

Next up was an impressive education platform of various look and learn seminars conducted over two days. Sunday saw salon teams from the German Icono, America’s Nick Arrojo and Taiwan’s Headlines, who showed off everything from the latest trends to Asian avant-garde. The next day the Global Color Zoom Creative team presented the technical skill that led to their stunning collection. The KMS Global Style Council and Mario Krankl from Austria, rounded out the list of inspiring presenters.


Benni Tognini judges at the Color Zoom Awards

Congratulations to the Color Zoom winners listed below:

Creative Colorist:

Gold: Hardy Tsai (Taiwan)
Silver: Heidi Van Der Berg (South Africa)
Bronze: Larissa Bresnehan (Australia)

New Talent Colorist:

Gold: Lidia Malez (Russia)
Silver: Chi Hsing Chang (Taiwan)
Bronze: Ha Hsiang Van (Vietnam) & Liudmila Pazhitnova (Russia)

Partner Colorist:

Gold: Lok Chan (Hong Kong)
Silver: Velette Huang (Taiwan)
Bronze: Svetlana Jouini (Norway)


The Australian finalists in Berlin

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