400 Goldwell and KMS hairdressers spent the first weekend of this month elevating their skills, their business acumen and their mindset, at the Goldwell MBE National Conference. Held at The Westin Sydney and hosted by KAO Salon, salons owners, managers and stylists from around the country all congregated in the pursuit of the same goal – growth.

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The first day’s speakers were a varied group, ranging from award-winning speaker Amanda Gore who focused on leadership and changing relationships, to Stuart Knight, visiting all the way from Canada, who covered fear, success and making decisions, and British comedian Jeff Green who ended day one’s agenda with a laugh. The speakers were all seamlessly tied in by compare and Australian TV personality Andrew Daddo.

Rita Marcon

The first evening was a 40th birthday celebration for KMS California. Guests showed up to Sydney’s infamous Cruise bar, dressed in their 70s best, for an event that was part party, part networking opportunity (and what better way to network than over a glass of red?).

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That late night led on to a comprehensive day two, but attendees still showed up bright and early for the full conferencing agenda, being split into two groups – salon owners and salon managers/stylists – for the morning’s program.

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Andrew Daddo

Salon owners were treated to presentations from the founder of Thought Leaders Global Matt Church, who addressed the constantly-evolving state of leadership and challenged the audience to advance their thinking. Next up was Logie award-winning actor Rob Carlton, who detailed his own journey to success, highlighting the significance of self-motivation.

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The stylists and salons were privy to their own dose of inspiration, with Stuart Knight back to talk about creating powerful conversations, and Biggest Loser star Shannan Ponton recalling his own experiences to discuss achieving goals.

Shannan Ponton

The groups combined for two standout presentations to end the event. Keynote speaker Anthony Bonnici spoke of overcoming mental barriers, utilising his training in neuro-linguistic programming to teach the audience how to overcome their learned behaviours and achieve a higher performance. Last, two Australian explorers, colloquially referred to as Cas and Jonesy, told their enthralling tale of how they completed the longest polar expedition of all time, walking from Antarctica to the South Pole and back with no assistance. The pair skied the 2275 kilometres over 89 days in 2012, overcoming many obstacles in their wake, and now share their inspiring story with a strong mentality that anyone can adapt to their personal lives.


Taking on overarching themes of achieving goals, leadership, communication and more, the speakers often hailed from outside the salon industry, allowing the 400 attendees to broaden their mindset, and take these insights back to the salon.

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