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Goldwell Unveil Color Zoom Collection: D!SRUPT

The all-new Goldwell Color Zoom collection has been revealed, and the theme seems to be centred on that innate compulsion for breaking the mould. Taking their inspiration from creative colour and fashion trends, the Color Zoom team created D!SRUPT, a collection that breaks with all conventional notions of style (not to mention, spelling).


Focusing on the disruption of three key elements – shape, colour and texture – the team was given the freedom to create looks that utilised unique colouring techniques, abnormal shapes and bold textures. With this mentality they merged strong shapes with organic fluidity, shiny materials with matte textures, neutral backgrounds with bright colour hues and more.


In colour, the use of intense shades created the illusion of movement, with combinations of tones such as Neutral Taupe, Deep Neutral Chestnut and Pearl broken by strong Vibrant Pink and Blue accents. This juxtaposition painted the clear theme of disruption, with electric hues hitting softer tones.


For shape, the stylists often blended two seemingly separate shapes into one seamless look. This was achieved through a variety of techniques, including the creation of purposely different interior layers and exterior features.

The Color Zoom team thought about the element of texture on another level. Beyond simply curly or smooth, the team endeavoured to create perfectly disrupted texture, focusing on expanding the shape of the hair, achieving a smooth-frizz appeal or working with various levels of volume.


The three Global Color Zoom Challenge winners, Lok Chan from Hong Kong, Lidia Malez from Russia and Hardy Tsai from Taiwan, joined Goldwell Color Zoom Masters Neil Barton from the UK, and Rodica Hristu from Canada in creating the truly global collection. Each of the winners put their name to a particular look. Lidia took the reins on an image titled Manouche, which aimed to disrupt the colour stream with its variety of differing hues. Hardy created Emma, a disrupted bob made unique with a halo of bright yellows and greens, while Lok crafted Sami, utilising fairy floss texture for weightless volume.


The aim of disrupting the status quo is to force ourselves to innovate, a notion relevant from runways to the salon. With the collection’s use of contrasting shades, interesting cuts and multi-dimensional textures, the team aims to create something new, redefine fashion and ultimately jolt us into shaking things up.

Colourists will be tasked with creating their own interpretation of this collection to take home the gold in the 2016 Color Zoom Challenge. In three categories of Global Creative Colorist, Global New Talent Colorist and Global Partner Colorist, entrants will reveal their inner rebel to gain entry into one of the biggest live hairstyling competitions in the world as a National Winner, and maybe earn fame, prizes and opportunities an International Winner thereafter.


We, and Goldwell, encourage you to break the rules.

Watch the collection video below:

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Hair: Global Color Zoom Creative Team
Make up: Stephanie Kunz
Styling: Ingo Nahrwold
Photography: Markus Jans

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