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Goldwell Release New Kerasilk Products at The Grounds

PSA: The ideal way to start Spring is by hand-crafting your own real-life flower crowns . We can personally attest to that fact as beauty media were introduced to new products in the beloved Goldwell Kerasilk range at the Grounds of Alexandria this week – and flower crowns were the main item on the agenda.


Surrounded by Spring’s most impressive blooms (and the sound of farm animals that has come to be the expected soundtrack at The Grounds), beauty media were treated to a luxurious breakfast to complement the premium new products. Kerasilk initially launched earlier this year, with a range of in salon treatments and retail products separated into four distinct quadrants – Control to combat frizzy hair, Reconstruct for long-lasting nourishment, Repower for fine or limp hair and Colour for colour longevity.


The trio of new products in the extensive Kerasilk range consists of two products in the Color range, and another in the Reconstruct portfolio. Highlighting the new launches is the Kerasilk Color Cleansing Conditioner, which takes the place of both a shampoo and conditioner, allowing clients to cleanse and condition their hair in just one step. The ‘co-wash’ formula of keratin, silk and Tamanu Oil protects against colour fading, allowing the client to use less but achieve more in their hair.


Next, the Color Gentle Dry Shampoo is an innovative aerosol spray that notably doesn’t leave visible residue, while simultaneously cleansing the hair (sans water) and protecting colour. Lastly, the Reconstruct Restorative Balm is a new tool to protect hair against breakage, imbued with keratin, colour caring silk and Hyaloveil in order to ensure long-lasting elasticity.


After these products were explained and appreciated in full, the media turned their attention to beautiful flowers and finicky wires in the creation of our own personal flower crowns. Just in case you hadn’t received the memo – Spring has most certainly sprung.

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