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Google Releases Most Searched for Hair Trends

Take a peek into the very depths of the internet with the Google Beauty Report. Apart from changing their logos into addictive games every few days and offering us all the information that has ever existed in the universe, Google has very kindly collated all the data on what hair trends your clients are searching for online.

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The search engine compiled all the hair-related queries asked by US browsers from January 2013 to August 2015, measuring year-over-year growth. Because the document is a whole 66 pages long, we’ve summarised the rising and falling trends (you’re welcome). The trends are categorised into six major behaviours – sustained risers or decliners, that have either had a steady growth or fall, seasonal risers or decliners, which are likely to either increase or decrease in demand each year, and rising or falling stars, trends that have either peaked recently or rapidly started to decline.


Beyonce’s box braids were popular

At a glance, messy hair, balyage and top knots are sustained risers, crown braids, natural curls and side shaved hair are among the seasonal risers, and man bun undercuts (also undercuts in general), Mohawk braids and rose gold hues are the rising stars. Sock buns, fishtail braids, French twists and rainbow hair are among the trends on a downward slope.


Eternal trend-setter Nicole Richie

The report then examined some of the biggest trends in men’s hair, braids and colour. Pop quiz: who can guess one of the most significant male trends searched by your clients? Yep, the man bun, which, along with box haircuts, lower taper fades and Mohawk fades, is a major rising star. Celebrities searched with the trend include Jared Leto, Leonardo DiCaprio and, most recently, Harry Styles, while other searched terms include how-to’s, clip on man buns and man bun Monday. Other classic styles such as fades and comb overs continue to do well both on Google and YouTube, showcasing just how interested men are in both classic and contemporary styling.


Jared Leto rocks the man bun

In braids, halo braids epitomise the dependable sustained riser, crown braids, box braids and side goddess headline the season risers and French braids, twist braids and Mohawk braids are the rising stars. Celebrity searches include Beyonce, Janet Jackson and Ciara while queries include questions such as how to take care of braids, what kind of hair works for particular braids and maintaining braids. The general takeaway – braids are a seemingly indestructible source of online inspo.


‘Ciara Goddess Braid’ was a highly searched query

Lastly, the report dove into highly searched colour trends. Platinum hair, purple hair and ash blonde hair are constant trends, pastel, pink and blue and seasonal trends and magenta and grey hues are rising stars. Looking at silver and purple hair as case studies, the report showcased silver’s recent growth, informed by A-listers such as Rihanna, Nicole Richie and Kylie Jenner, and purple hair’s dramatic rise, thanks to Katy Perry and eternal trend-setter Nicole Richie again. Overall, creativity is key.


Rihanna is at the forefront of the silver hair trend

In other news, hair cut searches with huge growth factors include short haircuts and lobs, which are up a massive 171 per cent. In colour, balyage is up 155 per cent while rainbow hair has a growth of 148 per cent. Curling wands and dry shampoo were the most excessively searched for products.

It’s no secret our online habits are in the public domain, and these trend-setting figures could go a long way to reading your clients minds. Thanks Google, now we know just how influential Nicole Richie is, the impressive staying power of braids and society’s communal obsession with man bun Monday.

To see the full report visit here.

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