Will the masses ever tire of new hair trends that take the best parts of their past favourite looks and shove their names together in a strange portmanteau title?


Moving on from bronde hair (brunette and blonde), lobs (long bobs) and wavy bobs (wobs) – these brackets may not be so necessary for these fairly self-explanatory titles – there’s a new look on Insta. Meet grombré (grey ombre, I just can’t stop with brackets), which merges the best of trendy grey hair with the universal colour trend that is ombré.

Instagram has pounced on the always popular granny hair trend (the consumer penchant for grey, driven by celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Rhianna and more – which you can explore further here), spliced together with ombré. The look allows the client to play with grey tones without colouring their entire head of hair, or switch from silvers to darker greys and more lilac shades in the multi-dimensional look.


The trend has reached Buzzfeed, Teen Vogue, Grazia and more, and has become a bona fide hit on social media (#greyombre has been hashtaged over 12, 000 times already). If you have a client looking to adopt the look, take a flattering snap for social media, upload it with the hashtag and increase your chances of going viral.

Instagram hair fashion trends are a major facet of 21st century marketability – create big trends in your own salon way, upload them and allow consumers to find you through popular hashtags. Next thing you know, grombré seeking clients in your area will be flocking through your doors.


That kind of marketing is almost worth saying grombré so many times (just please don’t make us say it again).