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Hair and Beauty Australia Donate $5000 to Beyond Blue

The Hair and Beauty Australia Industry Association (HABA) raised $5000 for a very worthy cause, bringing in the donations for Beyond Blue, which deals with anxiety and depression, as part of their Luxury Draw competition. The industry organisation were proud to support a cause that affects so many Australians, drawing on key components of the hair and beauty industry that see salon workers as key advocates and aids for mental health, both in their work in salon and often beyond.

HABA raised money for the cause to combat statistics that see around one million Australian adults suffering from depression, and over two million who live with anxiety. On average, one in five women and one in eight men will experience depression in their lifetime, and one in three women and one in five men will experience anxiety. These stats are particularly pertinent to HABA and any business – mental illness leads to a higher rate of absenteeism, reduced productivity at work and increased turnover, next to its impact on workplace relationships and team unity. As HABA works tirelessly to facilitate and aid the hair and beauty industry in every way, mental health remains a vital part of that equation.

HABA sold raffle tickets to raise the funds, offering premium prizes that saw salon employees keen to donate and enter in any way possible. Congratulations to Rebecca Mitchell, who won the diamond Tennis Bracelet donated by Temptation by Protea and Raymond George, who won the Mercedes Benz 5-door Hatch Mercedes-Benz A180, as presented by Brett Manion from Mercedes Benz Macarthur and Vanessa Weaver.

HABA handed over the $5000 check to Daniela Fazio, ambassador for beyondblue, empowering them to continue their valuable work in battling mental illness through increased awareness and research. Well done to HABA for doing their part to join the fight.

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