Face-framing colour is always a client favourite, and the Money Piece hair trend is the latest look to come out of that request. A counterpoint to colour trends like balayage or highlights, the look offers an instant uplift of colour for all hair types, tones and lengths.

Hair by Charlotte

“The Money Piece is a section of hair around the hairline that lifts your clients’ complexion, highlights their eyes and makes hair colour pop,” explained Beckie Eaton, colourist at Room 97 Creative, Leeds, in the UK. “It’s striking but subtle, and gives hair a luxurious and expensive finish, as well as a sun-kissed feel.”

“The Money Piece is a great way for clients to bring some lighter colour into their hair. It can be bold and different in tone, or subtle and lighter than their usual colour. It’s easy to look after and is ideal on blondes with honey or caramel tones, while warn browns and chocolate hues look great on brunettes. The finish leaves hair looking luxe and lustrous,” she continued.

Hair by Beckie

The bespoke look offers the capacity for truly personalised style, with clients opting for strength and subtlety to different degrees. Celebrities who have worn the style include Dua Lipa, Bella Haddid and Beyoncé herself, so it’s a sure colour trend for the year ahead.

The original 90s look offers a modern iteration, dimensional result and seamless colour for clients to love. The low-maintenance style requires minimum upkeep, meaning your clients don’t have to travel into salon more than they feel comfortable with, but you can sell them an all important purple or colour shampoo to extend the hue.

It sounds like the ideal colour trend to enter your salon doors. Welcome back the Money Piece.

Images via Room 97 Creative