With entries open for next year’s Hair Expo Awards, we’ve enlisted a crop of former winners to give you that one final push (if necessary) to take out your scissors and enter! The award win brings much more than just pride and the opportunity to experience your moment on stage, winners also enjoy an increase in profile and, therefore, in business.

“Winning an award at Hair Expo Australia has given me so much confidence and motivation; it was an affirmation for me that I was on the right path,” confirmed 2016 Apprentice/Student of the Year Kelly Manu. “My Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Award helped to expand my client base, as my clients were just as excited about my win as I was; I received a lot of referrals from it.”

2016 Hair Expo Awards

For those who wish to go beyond expanded salon work, editorial opportunities and education initiatives also often follower various award wins. “I’m lucky to have had many opportunities to educate and inspire others from the exposure I’ve gained since winning the Award,” said Adrian Rotolo, 2016 Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Awards Colour Technician of the Year. “My collection was also published in more than 10 international hair and fashion magazines.” 2016 Session Stylist of the Year Koh Sataporn also confirmed receiving various offers from hair brands to be their exclusive stylist.

The awards can also be an important factor in pushing forward salon momentum and unifying the team, particularly in collections created by the whole salon. “It creates a wonderful energy amongst the team, which is then shared with our clients. A growth in business and morale is always a by-product of this award,” shared Emiliano Vitale, who’s é SALON team took home 2016 Salon Team of the Year. Even without the win, just creating the collection as a team pushes your clients to operate creatively, work together and think about hairdressing outside of the salon setting.


“There is so much support and love in our hair community, no matter if you took a trophy home or not, the support felt from everyone just for giving it a shot is there because we all know how much work goes into not just the shoot, but the submission and the reflection of what you have achieved in the year leading up to it,” shared 2016 SA-TAS Hairdresser of the Year, Kristy Hodgson.

“Take the plunge. It’s not even about winning – it’s about producing a collection that represents you and that you are proud to share. the written submission can sound and appear very daunting but once you start, it’s amazing to reflect on just how much you actually do in a year, putting on paper your growth over the past 12 months and what you intend to do next really makes you stop and think,” she continued.

2016 Hair Expo Winners

For various awards, different prizes are on offer, and for the major national winners this year (Australia’s Frank Apostolopoulos and New Zealand’s Danny Pato), those prizes came in the form of a trip to London for Salon International, an experience that changed their careers for the better.

“Winning a Schwarzkopf Professional Hair Expo Award provided a platform for new opportunities and new connections within the industry,” Danny shared. “A highlight was heading over to London with Hair Expo to do a show at Salon International, the biggest hair trade show in Europe. It’s been a humbling experience, for sure.”

Danny Pato

Entries are due by April 7, giving you plenty of time to finalise your applications. Whether you’re a first-time entrant it you’re giving it another go, make it your New Year’s resolution to throw your hat in the ring!

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